Is This a Nationalist Blog? No.

I must first note the nature of the symbols I utilize on this site. I understand that many of the symbols of Imperial Germany are co-opted by the hard-right as alternatives to the Nazi imagery that is often banned in Europe.

I do not use these symbols as nationalist posturing, I attempt to use them in an educational context. I do not intend this site to be an outright glorification of this history, as much of it is quite grim and regrettable.

What I suggest is nuance in the face of these issues. The Kaiserreich, in particular, was a regime that both committed genocide in Africa and invented the modern welfare state. These states can be both agents of progress and agents of horror. I choose to look at the progress because whilst I do not wish for these horrors to be forgotten, I do not wish for them to be an excuse to provide reductionist history about these regimes. I wish to analyze these regimes for all that they hold, and I hope you join me in this nuanced journey.